The Woodland Belle Story

Blending a rustic aesthetic with graceful design, my idea of the woodland belle is that of the modern woman filled with sensitivity and acclamation for the natural world.  Simply put, a woodland belle is beautiful; a woodland belle is still a girl at heart, with a fire for discovery.  She is bright and optimistic; she feels deeply that sublime spiritual truths lay at the heart of all creation.

About the Artist

Each piece in the Woodland Belle collection is designed and created personally by jewelry artist Mai Mckemy, who currently works from her studio in the blue ridge mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  Mai studied fine art and design at Appalachian State University and began crafting jewelry and accessories soon after graduating.  From experiencing profound awe and awareness for the beauty of God's creation in her own life, Mai strives to convey this spirit of admiration through her work, expressing classic nature motifs with a fresh sense of wonder.