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Since she began selling her work online in 2008, Mai has crafted items for thousands of happy customers all over the world.  Below is a selection of feedback and comments from actual customers.  To view all Woodland Belle reviews, see feedback at

Just praise! I received a white rose terrarium necklace for Christmas. I've been pining for this necklace since I first laid eyes on it over a year ago. It is every bit as beautiful, delicate and incredible as I had hoped. Seriously one of the most beautiful hand crafted items I've ever seen. Thank you!  K. B.

These beautiful pins came almost as beautifully packaged as the pins themselves. I am wearing them for a wedding I am in that is in a heavily wooded park. They will go well with my dress and other jewelry. Thank you for the great product. I'll be back for more, I'm sure! M. Wilson/Racine, WI

I've been wearing (the earrings) almost non-stop; and I've gotten a ton of compliments on them. They're so beautiful: I love the dangliness of them, the length, the design, that they're cast from a twig from a specific tree in North Carolina, the color and shape--just everything! Anonymous

Thank you thank you thank you SO much for the beautiful 3-set twigs!! They were a gift to my sister and they arrived in the mail on her birthday! When she saw the box she had no idea what would be in it (and a cute little box it was) and as she realised that they were for her hair her face just lit up with excitement, astonishment, and wonder. She wears bobbie pins in her hair nearly everyday and she loves being outside, so these twigs will make a lovely new addition. Again, thank you so much! They are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe one day I'll come back and buy one of the terrariums for myself. ;) E.L. Edmonton, Canada

Beautifully made, very cool and unique hair clips! Recommended! Thanks! C. Capizzano/New York, NY

The cutest hair pins ever! I feel like a nymph wearing them. Thanks! :) C. Nguyen/Fountain Valley, CA

This may be the sweetest, most adorable necklace I have ever seen. It is a miniature manifestation of my deep love and admiration of nature. I will smile every time I put it on. Beautifully done, Mai. And the gift box presentation was second to none. Thank you.  A. Pate/Warwick, RI

For days when I feel like being extra nature-y these are the BEST HAIRPINS EVER  R. Halloran/San Francisco, CA

amazing detailed..I can't believe that Mai was able to work with such tiny objects..they look so real..!! K. Case/Marshville, NC

These bobby pins are adorable! They do look like they were picked up off the ground in the forest. I love them! Thanks!  T. Mark/Mahwah, NJ

I love them. The prettiest hair pins I ever saw. Every one compliments them. I cant say enough.  C. Heft/Coplay, PA

Gorgeous handmade hair pins. Lovely, tasteful, and an item that would make a beautiful gift for any woman, no matter the length of her hair!  J. Slicer/Frederick, MD

Love them! so adorable and cute :) Thanks for an excellent customer service as well! Very kind and professional seller with wonderful products!  S.Kilgast/La Chapelle-en-Serval, France

Really beautiful pieces. These have a bit of heft to them -- which I wasn't expecting but should have because they are bronze and not plastic. I'm very much looking forward to wearing these on my wedding day! Presentation is really nice -- it was like unwrapping a fabulous present.  Care instructions were included which is a really nice touch.  A. Gersema/Reston, VA

So unique and wonderfully made. I can't believe they aren't real branches!;) Fast shipping too. A wonderful experience, will be back again for sure.  This is the cutest necklace ever. I can't believe it is all done by hand. Mai has such talent and must have such patience. Her packaging is so cute too. I WILL be back for more. Thanks so much Mai:)  C. Adams/Saint Augustine, FL

I was so happy to receive these in the mail...the packaging they arrived in was so lovely that it felt like a  little gift I had given myself. The pins themselves are beautiful and so unique. I echo the seller's reminder that they are fragile and should be placed carefully, but I can tell that with care they are durable. Love them!  K. Colvert/Corvallis, OR

This is the second time I have purchased from WoodlandBelle and it is always a great experience!  Thank you so much! I just love the hair pins!  A. Shriner/St. Petersburg, FL

These are beautiful. A gorgeous alternative to the boring bobby-pin.  H. Chan/Sydney, Australia

EXQUISITE necklace!! Delicate and beautifully crafted... Very happy... Thanks so much! :D  L. Landa/Belmont, MA

This is too cute! Everything inside looks real and I cannot believe how you arranged everything in that tiny glass jar. Very clever and unique. LOVE IT.  
These hair pins are very beautiful. They look real and are very light-weight and easy to wear. LOVE THEM!  M. Winslade/Chardon, OH

I am a thrilled repeat customer; I bought for myself the first time, and returned for more to give as a gift. Mai does such gorgeous work, with beautiful packaging to boot. Such a treasure to receive, open, and use - thank you again!!  H. Mazzeno/Montgomery, AL

They are even more beautiful than I could've ever imagined. The packaging is the best I have ever seen. Thanks so much  J. Dobbins/Newton, NJ

Amazing and just as described. You can tell the quality and love that is put into the hair pins. I will be back!  S. Bishop/Lake Oswego, OR

WOODLAND BELLE SAVED CHRISTMAS!! I requested (begged for) this piece, which Woodland Belle made special and managed to get it in the mail for my mother to receive by Christmas. It was an incredibly special gift and my mother absolutely LOVES it. This is the second purchase I've made from this shop, the first wast the blue butterfly and mushroom vial necklace - my favorite piece of jewelry. The workmanship is impeccable, each piece looks exactly like the picture and the packaging will make you feel like a little girl. The whole experience from paying to receiving is truly top-notch and this is my go-to place for special gifts.  G. Lovings/Evansville, IN

Wow, I didn't realize how much fun it would be wearing little twigs in my hair. I absolutely love them and the craftsmanship is exquisite!  J. Carvitto/Leavenworth, WA

All I can say is WOW. I really love these hair pins and they look way better in real life then in the pictures. Definitely one of my favorite online purchases. I will buy from again. Thank you :)  A. Chimienti/Toronto, ON Canada

These clips are my new favorites! I wear them ALL THE TIME and get so many compliments. Thank you! I can't wait to order another set in pewter.  K. Copenhaver/Ashland, OH

I'm wearing the pendant right now :). It's so whimsical, perfectly pretty, and delicate. Very nice and friendly seller. Beautiful presentation and cute packaging. Highly recommend! Thanks so much :D  C. Cheung/Daly City, CA

Too precious! Simply perfect! You have to see it to believe just how gorgeous this necklace is.  E. Chong/Kensington, Australia

I am absolutely in love with this necklace. It is so beautiful and is high quality!! Highly recommended!!  L. Macey/Houston, TX

Got this in the mail yesterday and it's just darling. Don't know how Mai manages to do such tiny, precise work, but it's fascinating!  P. Grandjean/Trumbull, CT

Adorable and the packaging was amazing. Great if you are giving as a gift.  D. Cullen/Levittown, NY

Ooooh they are so pretty! Fast shipping; I was very pleased with the packaging, too :-) Thanks so much! These are actually a gift for a friend and I'm sure she's going to love them!  S. Fortunato/Drexel Hill, PA

We're lucky here in CA to have such a beautiful state bird as the quail. Seeing them in the woods is such a treat, and to hear their soft cooing is extra special. It's also not easy to find pieces that capture the beauty of this bird, but look no further. This bronze cast is exceptionally breath-taking, and simply amazing in the detail. I'm very impressed, and have enjoyed my visit to Mai's WoodlandBelle - que BELLISIMO! Thank you for the lasting beauty!  Really, really special. Some things just charm the socks off, and these twigs couldn't be more preciously pretty (and practical, too!). Deserving of much admiration - starting with me! THANK YOU for presenting nature in its glory!  S. Kurita/Oakland, CA

They arrived yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it (the details are amazing). I wore it right away, showed it to my dad (who liked it, surprisingly!) and didn't remove it until it was time to sleep. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it held my thick locks and doesn't snag when removed. Hurray!  V. Lee/Singapore

Absolutely amazing work!!! So beautiful! The detail is just wonderful. And I received the necklace so much sooner than expected! Thank you so much.  K. Cheshier/Laramie, WY

THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WONDERFUL! You are a genious with very tiny, very capable fingers!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  S. Nelson/Cloverdale, CA

Amazing, excellent, customer service!!! Mai is amazing!!! I absolutely love my necklace! But most of all your customer service is the best! Thank you so much for the extent you have gone to, to ensure I received my order. I really do appreciate it, more than you can imagine!! I have been telling people about your beautiful jewellery and will continue to!! Best of wishes, Andrea xo  A. Hobbs/Mount Eliza, Australia

This is a really lovely piece. It conjures the joy of something made simply to be exquisite, like the curios of older times. How heartening to see that works such as these are still being made lovingly and with such care and skill. This is a gift for someone very special and it is certain to delight.  A. Ellis/Woodville North, Australia

This is absolutely beautiful... Amazing quality and just so lovely! Thank you so much for creating such special treasures and being such a wonderful store! ^_^  C. Coote/Auchenflower, Australia

The service was fabulous and fast and the photo did not do justice to the actual product. Very talented lady!  M. Braid/West Chester, PA

Got these for my bestie named Robyn, who was my maid of honor...let me say she cried when she opened the cute package they were that adorable!!  K. DiDomenico/Blasdell, NY

My 4th set from this vendor - I always get asked about my hair pins when I wear them. Beautiful craftsmanship and packaging. Received quickly as well. A joy to purchase from Mai.  S. Malcolm/Coquitlam, BC Canada

Beautiful. A hundred percent difference in person. Pictures in this case does not do justice. This item is a gift, I know she love them as much as I do. Thank you so much.  J. Torrence/Mcdonough, GA

Simple, and lovely. I can almost smell the woods when I wear this. It came beautifully packaged, like a magical gift. Thank you!  S. Samaan/Plano, TX

These just arrived and are truly exquisite. The detailing on the flowers is amazing and putting them into my hair I feel truly transformed from frumpy housewife to beautiful belle. Thank you for the fast shipping and lovely packaging too!  B. Jives/Philadelphia, PA

This luna moth is mesmerizing, and I can't believe how substantial the work is. Quite a testament to its beauty, but also to Mai's bountiful talent and appreciation for capturing the best of nature's amazing creatures. I am astonished with deep admiration - thank you!!  S. Kurita/Oakland, CA

These are so sweet. Nice and light weight for my thin hair, but tight enough that it does hold up my hair too. All in all pretty darn perfect!  A. Perez/Rockville, MD

Absolutely gorgeous hair pins! the packaging is exquisite, perfect for a gift and the seller is SUPER nice! thank you Mai!!!  I. Morales/Montreal, Canada

The Cherry Sakura Blossom Tiny Twig Hair Pins looked absolutely amazing. My fiance loved it and it made her day. It arrived very quickly and was safely packed, so no worries there. I love what you have to sell and will be buying more.  B. Wannemacher/Dublin, OH

Mai is truely amazing! The detail and beauty of this necklace is just magical! This is my second purchase from WoodlandBelle and I'm even more impressed than the first time. I would reccommend her kind customer service and outstanding peices to everyone and anyone! Thanks again, will definately be back soon! ^_^ C. Coote/Auchenflower, Australia

I love these! They are just as pictured--beautiful and full of detail. They slide into my hair easily and stay put. Thank you for an awesome product!  M. Osborne/Millbrae, CA

Second set of Twigs. LOVE THEM! Mai is a truly inspirational artist. Will always continue to support Hand Made. R. Neuman/Lynnwood, WA

Thank you so much Mai! I just received my second pair of Woodland Belle Twig Bobby pins. They are so versatile and work so well. I ordered a second pair so that I could wear more in my hair! I absolutely love them, and so do my friends! Thanks again!  A. Wilson/Boone, NC

Amazing amazing amazing transaction! I cannot even begin to say how wonderful Mai is, and how beautiful and detailed this necklace I purchased is. I made tentative a request for this particular flower(black eyed susans have a huge sappy sentimental place in my heart) honestly not expecting a response, but very quickly Mai messaged me back letting me know that of course she could and would fill this request for me. When I saw the picture of the finished product I was thrilled it was more beautiful that I could have imagined and when it came in the mail and I saw it up close I was truly blown away and may have even teared up a smidge! The detail in this necklace is just so amazing you can't fully appreciate it until you have it right in front of you. Everything about this purchase was really wonderful from the first inquiry right up to the beautiful packaging the necklace came in! I one hundred percent will be purchasing more from WoodlandBelle and I one thousand percent recommend that anyone who reads this does the same!  C. Klimek/Brooklyn, NY

oh, man, where do i start? these hair pins are BEAUTIFUL! i'm going to keep this short and sweet otherwise i could gush with compliment after compliment. wonderfully crafted product via a wonderful seller! thank you thank you!  B. Mathews/Chicago, IL

Hairclips are so pretty and lovely. The customer service is awesome! And the postage is so quick. Thank you so very much Mai. Wishing you all the best for your business.  H. Htun/Karawara, Australia

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I literally gasped when I opened my little box, which was adorable by the way, and they look so so lovely in my hair!! I have a love for nature and these little birdies make me so happy. Thank you for such a wonderful product. :-)
When I first saw this piece online it brought me back to my childhood camp that I attended every summer for 8 years (and I'm now a counselor!) that has a beautiful river with huge cyprus trees that align it. The cyprus branch on this necklace is so beautiful and perfectly detailed, and it is obvious that Mai put lots of attention to it. She is a wonderful seller that strives to make every customer happy. This necklace I will cherish for years to come, and I will even get a chance to show it off this summer at camp! :o)
Definitely a "jaw drops down at the sight of it" pair of earrings. The bronze is such an incredible color, very  unique from gold and silver. The earrings are light weight and draw lots of attention to the face! I am super super happy with my purchase and I can't wait to wear these all the time. Thanks so much Mai!!!!  P. Hambright/Beaumont, TX

These WAY surpassed my expectations - they look SUPER expensive. My mom is going to love them! Thanks!  G. Donelson/Columbus, OH

This necklace is gorgeous, I'm so happy to have splurged on it! Even the packaging it came in was very nice. Thank you very much!  A. Asakawa/Huntington Beach, CA

These bobby pins are so wonderful. They are beautifully crafted, and so unique. Excellent seller, great communication and gorgeous packaging. I love having a piece of art in my hair. I will be back.  N. Lombardino/Lyme, CT

Oh, the prettiest set of hairpins I have ever seen. And they arrived just in time for the Cherry Blossom festivals here in Japan. I can't wait to put them on during my next picnic. I'm very satisfied with everything and will definitely come back soon for more gorgeous accessories.
Such a charming and romantic set of hairpins. The presentation blew me away; you can see all the care it is put into them, from construction to wrapping. A perfect gift for those fond of nature.  A. Alencar/Nakano-ku, Japan

Stunning jewelry right down to the tiniest detail. These necklaces are gorgeous enough to include in our wedding ceremony. Thanks so much for speedy shipping and lovely handiwork! J. Branciforte/Cromwell, CT

The necklace arrived just in time for Mother's Day. The rose is so pretty and my mom complimented the craftsmanship of the chain. A beautiful piece overall and I will definitely continue buying from the seller and recommending her. Mai quickly provided friendly responses to any questions!  Y. Fitzhugh/Yorkville, IL

Thank you! Prettier in person than in the picture (and the picture is great!) The packaging is just darling - would make the perfect special gift for someone. I personally can't wait to use these for my wedding. Thank you! L. Evancho/Conshohocken, PA

Love them. This is the fourth set I've purchased and I'm about to buy another! P. Lopour/Cleveland, TN